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       EASE OF USE

Using the Absolute Spill Kit is quick, simple and very effective. Unlike the majority of spill kits available, the Absolute Spill Kit offers:

Non-slip Surface*

after application

Easy, efficient and effective use

Includes anti-bacterial properties

Step 1 - Realising you've got a spill to clean up

But don't panic, as you've got an Absolute Spill Kit to clean it up with ease and quickly.


If the nature of the spillage is know, it can be dealt with locally. This could include blood, vomit, human waste, acids, oil and chemical products, or simply coffee and drinks.

Step 2 - Contain the Spillage

Gently pour the spill kit powder around the spillage to contain it, then begin to gently pour the powered towards the centre of the spillage.


Work the powder towards the centre of the spill.

Step 3 - Wait

Wait until the solution begins to solidify.


Different spillages can take different amount of times, due to the amount spilt or type of liquid spilt.

Step 4 - Clean Up and Dispose

Transfer the powder to a dustpan and place in the clinical waste bag.


Secure the bag to avoid spillage and place in container for materials to be incinerated.


*We still recommend that the surface is cleaned after application.

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